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Bespoke Tooling

Designing & manufacturing the highest quality tooling

Plastic Moulding Tools

We at KR Mouldings know that good tooling is the corner stone of the plastic injection moulding industry, it needs to be precise, accurate and high quality. We don’t use any other companies, we design and make everything in house.

So you can be sure that right from step one you’ll have a consistent, straight forward experience with our friendly experts.

To enquire about our tooling, capabilities and what we can offer you, contact us today. We also offer rapid tooling, prototyping and post moulding services.

Bespoke Tooling Manufacture Process

  1. Idea
  2. We specialise in making your ideas a reality.
    You can bring us anything from a fully rendered CAD file, to a sketch or even just an idea, we can help turn it into a full practical concept.
    We will work with you on creating the perfect solution to your problem.

  3. Technical Drawings
  4. We will create technical drawings to illustrate the concept size and measurements, here we can assess if it is fit for purpose and amend the concept if need be.

  5. Machining
  6. Using the technical drawing or CAD/CAM file and advanced mathematical equations and precise accuracy we produce the tool to required specifications.

  7. Sampling
  8. At this stage we test the tool to ensure it is suitable and producing the specified results.

  9. Production
  10. We supply the tool for use or produce the plastic components in house and dispatch to the customer within agreed lead times.

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